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  By Melody Heal— To this day I vividly remember the cherished moments in the kitchen with my mom. She taught my younger sister and I how to bake a moist and delicious cake, cut up a variety of fresh vegetables, and cook a scrumptious pot roast while setting a beautiful table to serve from. Weekly routines of daily scripture reading, practicing the piano, spending time serving others less fortunate than us, and making time to attend church regularly taught me the values that mattered to my mom. Another...

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Do Not Disturb

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  By Jayme Hull— Have you ever been on vacation and put the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the Hotel door? Have you ever created a doorknob craft with your kids or grandkids and wrote with big capital letters, DO NOT DISTURB? I started to think about this sign and how it relates to us as Christians. We call ourselves Christians, but is God invited to be a part of our daily lives? Unfortunately, we want the benefits of Christianity, but not necessarily the responsibility that comes along with our faith in Jesus...

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Airplane Mode

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  By Jayme Hull— Have you ever accidentally left your cell phone setting on airplane mode or vibrate and wondered why someone wasn’t returning your call? How frustrating. Another disappointing time of missed communication. I wonder if we Christians sometimes miss the Lord’s messages because, in a way, we are set on airplane mode or vibrate and He can’t get in touch with us. Is it possible that we aren’t able to hear the things that God wants us to hear, because our hearts and minds are too busy with...

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Determined to be Thankful!

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By Jayme Hull— Have you ever been touched personally as you read in the news about a person experiencing a terrible tragedy and with amazing strength they’re still able to have a thankful heart? How are you doing in the area of thankfulness during the good and the bad times of life? Is your speech full of positive and thankful words? Are your conversations with others with a thankful heart and attitude? Are you thankful to be alive and living in a wonderful free country like America? Do you know which...

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Magnify the Lord

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  By Jayme Hull— How is your eyesight? Have you made God too small in your own eyes? Do you need some details in your life enlarged? Is your God big enough to handle the details or do you need a magnifying glass? Sometimes I need to apologize to God for my weak faith. How about you? Have you ever had any of the following conversations with God? “I’m sorry God. I’ve made you too small in my eyes to handle this problem. Please forgive.” “Oh, Lord! I did it again. I have believed in a lie from...

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Uplifting Words

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  By Jayme Hull— How do people describe you? How about your lifestyle? Can people say you are “always lifting up others with your words?” Last year, I read a story about a leader from the Christian Ministry organization I respect called The Navigators. On June 18, 1956, a freak accident happened on a lake in New York. A speeding motorboat bounced on a wave and shot into the water two of its passengers, a 50-year old man and a little girl. To keep her from drowning, the man held her head above water...

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