By Melody Heal—

To this day I vividly remember the cherished moments in the kitchen with my mom. She taught my younger sister and I how to bake a moist and delicious cake, cut up a variety of fresh vegetables, and cook a scrumptious pot roast while setting a beautiful table to serve from. Weekly routines of daily scripture reading, practicing the piano, spending time serving others less fortunate than us, and making time to attend church regularly taught me the values that mattered to my mom. Another lasting belief my mother modeled to me was the marriage commitment of 39 years she made to my father. These were a few of the fruitful investments my diligent mother instilled in me during my growing up years.

Reflecting over the past 30 years that I’ve been a mother, I realize how my mom’s godly and practical influence provided me a stable foundation to shape my life as a mother. My deepest aspirations as a mom is to raise children whose hearts are passionate after God, desirous to positively impact the lives of others with a servant attitude, while using their God-given abilities to do so.  Assisting me in reaching these fruitful investment goals, I continue to ask myself and my children questions such as:

“Do you as my child know my yearning?”

“How am I doing with this ambition?”

“Have these longings, I desire for them, taken root in their lives?”

“Am I open to receiving feedback from them?”

“Where do I need to make adjustments in my role as a mother?”

“What can I learn from God’s Word that relates to motherhood?”

Seeking input from my children, husband, and practicing self-reflection has taught me to be moldable, to keep an open and tender heart towards my kid’s maturing behaviors, as well as, learning to pray and support them in new manners.

As my married children face major decisions and challenging circumstances in life, I see how crucial my role as an empty nest mother is. Staying committed to praying and modeling those fruitful investments to my children and now a grandson. The scripture Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (KJV). That promise has proven true in my own life and those of my children. Knowing God’s Word does not return void and praying for God to equip my children to do the same with their kids is one of the most impactful investments I can make in my lifetime. Dallin H. Oaks once stated, “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.” As a mother, what desires, priorities, choices, and actions are you choosing to instill in the lives of your children? May they be godly, fruitful investments?



Melody Heal: A life-long joy and passion of Melody’s has been mentoring and sharing life with women of all ages encouraging them to grasp hold of the full potential the Lord has for them. The empty nest season has provided Melody a new luxury of living out her heart’s desire working professionally as a Christian school administrator, serving as the Featured Resource Writer for My Purpose Now website along with speaking at women’s events. Her greatest delight is being married to her husband Doug while being inspired by her two married children and their devoted Christ-following soul mates who all live in Southern California. Melody has proven to be passionate about prayer walking, gardening, and helping women identify, rekindle, and achieve their God inspired dreams. Interested in having her at your next event, contact her at:


  1. 5-28-2014

    Love this Melody. Your best article. I think its harder being a mother now than when they were toddlers. Knowing when to stay silent and when to intervene is always a challenge.

  2. 5-28-2014

    Melody, I agree with Karen. This hits all of us with adult children and a shifting motherhood role. Just trying to figure it out can be a full time job! Thanks for this insightful article.

  3. 5-28-2014

    Melody, while I have not had the privilege of being a mom, I wholeheartedly appreciate your post today.

  4. 5-28-2014

    Thanks Melody. Your article felt like a warm, encouraging hug.

  5. 5-29-2014

    “Seeking input from my children, husband, and practicing self-reflection has taught me to be moldable, to keep an open and tender heart towards my kid’s maturing behaviors, as well as, learning to pray and support them in new manners.”
    This is the most important mindset. I look at parenting as a career, where we constantly learn, improve our skills, and adapt to the needs of the “job.” Thanks for sharing and many blessings to those over-50 moms and/or empty nesters out there 🙂

  6. 6-2-2014

    Yes,I agree. When we become parents, we are in it for a lifetime. I’m so thankful God has given us the opportunity to do experience this parenting journey. It definitely brings personal growth along with an abundance of joy.

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