My Purpose Now was created as an online gathering place for Christian women 50+. The nest is empty, professional path established or concluded. It should be an exciting time. We’re free to pursue the possibilities. But it’s a little scary, too. Much of what has defined our lives for the last 25 years is no longer required. Having completed much of what was placed on our plate – raising kids, building careers, carpools and Little League, we firmly believe that although we may be done, we’re not finished!

But its not easy being “experienced”. The media determines what “beautiful” looks like today. Youth is celebrated and staying young is big business. There’s a host of products designed to cover the gray, lift and separate, suck it in and cover the laugh lines (the nicer term for what Grandma called crow’s feet). And while we are not advocating you trade in your fashion sense for muumuus and polyester pants, we know God is far more interested in our insides than our upholstery. He looks on the heart.

We are passionate about life in Christ, and unwilling to surrender to joining the ranks of the “mature middle aged.” Does that sound like you? You are relevant. You are vital. You are NOT past tense! You are one of God’s experienced girls and there’s a lot for you to do! You’re qualified, capable and called -strong enough to get it done with the wisdom to do it well. We are excited to explore what lies ahead. Mentoring, travel, ministry, service, teaching, learning, adventuring out of our comfort zones! We are looking for traveling buddies to join us on our journey. So why not join us to explore the possibilities together and answer the question: “What’s My Purpose Now?”