Stepping Up: Citizen Legislator

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By Deb DeArmond   “I was worried about the direction of my country. You can’t sit by and worry – and you have to fix things from the bottom up.” Sounds like sage advice – for somebody else. Unless you’re Konni Burton. Many were concerned, but Konni decided to be part of the solution to the problems she could see. And she started in her own Texas backyard. “If we don’t get involved, we’re going to lose the country our founding fathers gave us. We’ll look up and find we’re living in a...

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I’m Just Not Comfortable With That

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By Jill Palmer My journey started months ago when the Lord began opening my eyes to the daily decisions I make—based on my comfort level. They range in importance: from what time I wake up, to the clothes I select, the way I discipline my children; even to the food I eat. The conversations I have with my husband were also on the list. All these choices could be attributed to my personal level of comfort. I had been avoiding things that made me antsy or ill at ease and spent more time and attention on things that...

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    By Deb DeArmond When I travel, I take my seat on the plane and quickly bury my face in a book or magazine. It’s my “I’m not interested in conversation” signal. When you talk for a living, striking up a 3 hour discussion between Dallas and Omaha is not really very appealing. I will usually sneak in a quick “hello” or a smile over the top of my book, just to assure that I’m not creepy. Just choosing silence. I broke that rule recently. Turned out to be an...

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By Deb DeArmond I made an odd typo recently while emailing a friend. I typed, “web serving” when I meant “web surfing.” Or maybe I hit a wrong key and auto correct changed it. I’m not sure which. But when I looked back, there it was. Stopped me in my tracks. Web serving. Bowing at the altar of the cursor. Worshipping the almighty Google. Singing the praise of Pinterest, fawning over Facebook. Sounds melodramatic, doesn’t it? I admit that it does. But it did make me think. One of the dictionary...

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  by Peggy Still Simplify, simplify, simplify is a major goal for me this year. The world is complex and our lives are fractured into many directions. There are almost unlimited choices available to us today in business and leisure. Because of those choices we fill our every waking moment with long to-do lists. When is the last time you took a vacation without an itinerary with the intent of resting instead of filling action packed days? We all long for more leisure and rest, I’m just not sure we know what...

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By Peggy Still – Who your friends are says much about who you are. Friendships can be perilous or virtuous. It is born in the moment when one says to another, I enjoy that too. But that common point of view can be a bad vice. In the exuberance of youth most of us have experienced that moment when we first met someone who shared similar interests. It was no less delightful to find someone who shared the same dark side or bad habit. These are dangerous friendships. The danger comes in the form of indifference to...

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