Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Our site features a daily devotion, written by Peggy Still.  Peggy’s gift in bringing sweet reminders of the Savior’s presence and promise in our life is uplifting and always inspiring.

So at this Christmas season, we have created this gift of some of our favorites for you to enjoy with family and friends.  Read one each day leading up to the 25th , either as part of your personal devotion time or with family as part of your Advent celebration.  And if you are called upon to share a seasonal story or devotion as you share the events and gatherings of this blessed season, these brief readings are a perfect choice. Download and print the PDF file and enjoy.

The gift of His son is the ultimate reminder of His love for each and every one of us. Share His message this season with those around you.

May the Lord richly bless you this holiday season.

The Writers at MPN

Download the PDF file here:  Readings for Christmas 







  1. 12-23-2011

    I have been praying for God to anoint this website and for the gifted writers who make up such a terrific team. My prayer has been for Holy Spirit to touch women’s hearts with His love through this great venue. I had no idea one of those women would be me. (I don’t know why I didn’t include myself in that prayer.) This morning as I was reading one of the Christmas devotionals by Peggy I sensed God’s presence in a powerful way. “I am free from inadequacy because He is all sufficient”. The only way I can love Him the way He deserves to be loved comes through the changes only He can make. He knows that and it’s okay. Thank you, Peggy, for putting words on paper (or a screen), I have been blessed by the One who is the King, the Priest, and the Sacrifice.

    • 12-23-2011

      We are blessed as a team – and that includes you. The power that comes from His word and the prayers you lift up for us is amazing. Thank you for being our “princess prayer warrior”. He is all sufficient and loves us as we are! Isn’t that incredible?!?!?!

  2. 12-29-2011

    Cindy, I just read your response. When we all met together in September I was amazed at the quality of gifts that God has put together for this ministry. Your sweet spirit and attitude of continuous prayer is the cornerstone for all of us. Stay in that prayer closet for obstacles are sure to be placed in our way as we celebrate milestones. Thank you for always descerning the prayer that needs to be lifted up. Love you, Peggy

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