We are excited that you stopped by, and invite you to do so often. Our hope is that this site becomes a place for you to settle in for a while, and join the conversation. Each week we will explore the challenges and opportunities of women 50+ and we believe you, too, might have something to add.

We will be starting off slowly, adding one new feature article each week. There will be other fun bits as well as we build up some steam.

Our goal is to create an online community of “experienced” women, connecting ourselves to one another, holding fast to the idea that God is not finished with us yet.

For many of us, our kids are grown, and we are established in (or concluding) our careers. For some of us moms, we find it terribly lonely in that empty nest. Little League games have concluded and piano practice has been silenced. It may have been so long since you had a discussion with your husband about anything other than the kids, that you’ve nearly forgotten how to do it. It’s awkward and isolating. Some of us are alone, indeed. Divorce we didn’t see coming, or widowhood. The transition from “we ” and “us” to “I” and “me” can be a tough road.

Others in our group are less than engaged by the career we pursued, and now find it dull and confining. But, “hey, it’s only 9 more years till I retire, so I guess I’ll stick it out.” What??? Maybe you just long to do something different and new, but you’re just not sure you can “start it at my age.”

Many of the things God placed on our plates, we have completed. So we may be done, but we’re not finished! We flounder as we try to figure out the answer to the question, “Ok Lord, so what’s my purpose now?”

Here’s some good news – adventure has no age limit. There are new friendships to build and relationships to resurrect. It’s never to late to learn, explore, mentor, teach, study, or create. We have a lot to offer as one of God’s “experienced girls” and He’s expecting us to use what He gave us for as long as we can. We can genuinely contribute to the lives of others, to our communities, and to the body of Christ. We are relevant. We have value. We are NOT past tense.

“Finish what you started in me, oh God. Your love is eternal – don’t quit on me now!” – Psalms 138:8 MSG. And thankfully, He never quits on us. Can we say the same? Each season of our life has a purpose, according to Ecclesiastes 3:1. He’s designed us for the specific purpose for which He created us. Finding that purpose is our mission. It may take courage, but hey, we’ve raised teenagers – nothing scares us!

So will you take this journey with us? We’re looking for traveling buddies to share the conversation, so that we may all finish strong. Let’s take a look at relationships, spiritual growth, health and wellness, even intimacy and sex after 50, beauty, confidence and communication – all focused on where we are right now. Let’s learn how to translate all those skills we’ve built over the years to use in new applications, opportunities and adventures, racing toward the future with our arms open wide, while being thankful for the experiences and blessing we’ve had up to this moment!

Most importantly – we began this site to create a dialogue. We are willing to help start the conversations, but we are looking for your stories, your challenges, your solutions, your questions, your thoughts, your goals and your dreams. There will always be a place for your voice – in fact, we can’t do this without you.

So here’s a quick tour of the site:

  • Our Purpose: This is where you will find the link to the welcome for the site. Discover a bit more about who we are, what we are doing, and why we are dedicated to it.  You will also find a site map to help you navigate the site.
  • “The Purpose Blog”: Here you will find our most recent feature articles.  And it’s your chance to weigh in: Agree? Similar experience? Hit you in the heart? Disagree? Tell us about it!
  • What’s Your Purpose is a vital part of this community – it’s all about you. We are interested to know what your 50+ journey is all about and where it’s been taking you. What are the challenges you are facing and how are you dealing with them? What victories have you achieved?

You will also see three buttons on the left side of the front page entitled Engage, Empower, and Encourage. This is where you can participate in the MPN community. Want to share a challenge, ask a question, search for an idea, solicit an opinion or share a dream? Need some encouragement? Want to give some encouragement??  What encouraged you today? This is the place to share it. We’re watching and waiting for your input, and we can’t wait to meet you.

Take a moment to look at the “About Us” tab and learn about who we are, where we’ve been and why we began this adventure. Get to know us. We’re really pretty nice gals – a lot like you.

New times and new opportunities need new ideas and new tools. Come along as we explore the possibilities for those of us 50+ who are fed up with the stereotype and revved up enough to ask, “Lord! What’s my purpose now?”

Please take a moment to post a comment, and let us know you were here.  We welcome your ideas for topics as well as your suggestions and are looking to “discover” writers out there who can add to our site.

Hope to talk with you soon!

Deb DeArmond and Karen DeArmond Gardner


  1. 7-1-2011

    I’m excited to be a part of your new website – I’m living overseas with my husband, my nest is empty as of 3 weeks ago and I’m feeling a bit isolated. There’s a great missionary community here…but I’m now the oldest of the ladies – that’s a new one for me! Thanks and I’m looking forward to being involved.

    • 7-2-2011

      Katie, the work you are doing is so amazing. And yet, it’s still so clear why God called us to love and support one another – we need community, we need fellowship. We need one another. We are looking forward to hearing about your ministry. You are, after all, one of God’s 50+ girls, pushing the envelope and living large for Him. Please share with us – what’s it like to be so far from home, doing the work of the ministry?

  2. 7-1-2011

    It’s finally here! This is great! Feeling like a community already! Congrats and blessings on this new venture — glad to be a small part of this wonderful project!


  3. 7-2-2011

    Every part is a big part when God is in it!

  4. 7-4-2011

    Deb, what a great adventure this is to be! Book marking for way access! Linking to all my friends! Look forward to all that will transpire on this site! Hugs,

  5. 7-6-2011

    This is going to be fun! Look forward to connecting.

  6. 7-8-2011

    My husband and I left a ministry we loved and were enjoying life in SoCal when God challenged us to make a move to accept a ministry offer in Spain. It has been a bigger challenge than I ever could have imagined the last two years, and to think, God gave me the permission to say “No, thank you. I think I’ll stay comfortable and continue what I’m doing.” I am being stretched like never before and way out of my comfort zone. I can use regular encouragement and new ideas for coping with the challenges. I’m excited to be hearing from Melody from time to time!

    • 7-8-2011

      Wow, Gwen. I am glad you joined the conversation. There are a couple of other missionaries serving overseas that are part of our community. What challenges are you encountering? What can we stand in prayer with you for?

    • 7-31-2011

      Hi Gwen, It is so wonderful to hear from you! Boy can I relate to changes, stretching of one’s abilities, and the challenges that come with it. As I’ve continue on life’s unexpected journey with my Lord by my side asking him to show me all he wants to teach and show me during this phase of life, he has been faithful, loving, and present each step of the way. It’s not always easy, fun or asked for, but “OH” how the Lord has taught me so much about his incredible character, myself and his refining process.

      As far as hearing from me…There will be a article entitled, “The Top 10 Reasons to be a Mentor,” in the resource section of our My Purpose Now website this coming week that I have written along with a listing of some mentoring resources that one may make use of.

      May God’s blessing and grace be extended to you and Glenn in your continued missionary work in Spain! Remembering our retreat time together when you lived in Southern California!!

  7. 7-9-2011

    Praise God. This community sounds so wonderful. Who knew that we, who are known for getting everything done and having it be just what is needed, would truly need the help and support of others….at this age. What ever happened to “supermom”? This is a new time in my life and as much as I love it, it is often difficult and confusing. It is so nice to hear similar comments and know that other Godly women are struggling a bit along with me. I am already blessed by all of your comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • 7-9-2011

      So blessed to have you join our community of ‘experienced’ women. The world would have us believe we have nothing left to offer yet The Word shows us God does His best work in those who are ‘seasoned’.

  8. 8-8-2011

    Deb! happy birthday, Mighty Woman of God! Love your website and love you!

  9. 9-22-2011

    I just came across this link from the Fuller Alumnae newsletter and was very excited to think there was a site for over 50’s! I actually only reached the mission field in my 50’s and served for 7 years. Now that I’m in my early 60’s I’ve moved states and am serving with another mission training others to go on the mission field. I miss my church and friends but love this new challenge. I believe we’re never too old to move when God says ‘Go!’. I’m looking forward to making new friends here and hearing what God is doing with you.

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