by Peggy Still

The story goes that a child was to be an angel in the Christmas play and his one line was, “I bring you good tidings of great joy.” He asked what tidings were and his mother said the word meant news. On the night of the play, the child had stage fright and, after a long silence, blurted out, “Hey, have I got news for you!”

It was tidings of great importance that the angels sang. His name was chosen: JESUS, for he was sent to save his people from their sins.

– His name was to be called Immanuel, for he was to be God with us.
– He was the Messiah, the One for whom all were waiting.
– He was given that the government would rest upon his shoulder.
– He came to be the ruler of Israel.
– He is the Prince of Peace, and His peace shall see no end.
– He was sent to establish a kingdom of judgment and justice.
– He was sent with the spirit of wisdom and understanding.
– He was called Counselor and was given the spirit of counsel and might.
– He was sent with the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.
– He was sent to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.
– He was sent to save an entire world, the known world and those that would come after Him.
– He was called the Everlasting One, as his roots came forth out of the branch of Jesse as the prophecy of Isaiah foretold.

When you hear good news, don’t you want to share it? What better news than of a Savior, sent to earth so long ago, to save us from our sins and bring a future and a hope for all of us. Doesn’t it fill your heart with such joy that you just have to tell someone? That was how the shepherds felt. The joy of Christmas is meant to be told. Call someone today and say, “Have I got news for you!”

Peggy Still: Peggy currently serves as the Director of Administrative and Client Services for The Fuller Foundation in Pasadena, California. Peggy is a featured speaker in a variety of areas for women including finance, social issues and leadership. She also serves as a consultant to churches and other non-profit organizations in the areas of administration and fund-raising. Married to Mark for 33 years they have one daughter and raised two foster children. Peggy and Mark make their home in Southern California.

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