Be present. Stand up. Speak up. Get involved. Live fully. Teach. Volunteer. Take a class. Don’t look back, join the battle. Tell us what you are doing to ENGAGE in the life Christ secured for you.


  1. 7-6-2011

    By leading a women’s life group for seasoned ladies who have experienced divorce in their lives. We are sassy ladies who have allowed the Holy Spirit to sweeten the lemons life has thrown our way – hence, we are called Lemonade Ladies.

    • 7-6-2011

      I love the concept AND the name. How long have You all been meeting? How many LL’s are there?

    • 8-23-2011

      Melynda, I love this! How perfect to turn what could be anger and bitterness into God’s sweet “lemonade.” Blessings on you and your ladies as you move forward to find new purpose.

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