What has He asked you to take on? You are EMPOWERED to do it in Him. Use this space to share what He has gifted you to do. Know who you are, to whom you belong, and to act accordingly. Called. Qualified. Commissioned.


  1. 7-1-2011

    Deb and Karen, I absolutely love your new website. As I read the “Welcome”, it occurred to me that I wasn’t crazy after all. I am in my mid-50’s, bored with my job and am looking at opening a franchise. VERY scary at my age and especially since I am single. Your words are so encouraging to me. I am NOT alone.

    • 7-1-2011

      Glenda,we of course are thrilled that you love the site. We would love to hear about your journey as you begin this new phase of your life. I am reminded of a saying by Joyce Meyer “Do it afraid”. So you go girl!

    • 7-6-2011

      Hi Glenda, That’s very brave to be thinking about a new venture! Maybe God has a whole different direction for you. It’s so sad when people just ‘stick it out’ til retirement when they can’t stand their job.. Can I ask where you live and what kind of franchise? Just wondering.

    • 8-23-2011

      Glenda, Be encouraged by the “nudging” you are receiving. It is amazing what we can acomplish when we refuse to be afraid. Perspective is the antidote to fear. Whatever happens, God will give you the strength to handle the unexpected. Move ahead expectantly!

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