Between Friday and Sunday

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  By Ava Pennington— The clichés abound. Life is a process. Life is a journey. Life is a highway. Life is each of these and more. But as we move through the processes, in our journeys, and on the highways, what are we doing during these times? Especially during the times of waiting? Or times of pain? Or the times of discouragement? During these days leading up to Easter, I’m reminded of Jesus’ disciples. How optimistic they must have been after His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. They had invested...

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  By Melody F. Heal— During my son’s eighth grade school field trip to Washington D.C., we were walking out of the country’s Capital when my attention was captured by a black cross drawn on the forehead of many passer byers exiting a Catholic church. All I knew of this sacred event, Ash Wednesday, was that it marked the beginning of Lent. A period of spiritual discipline where one practices moderation, fasting, self-denial, and forsakes pleasurable activities. Catholic friends mentioned how the priest...

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Marriage on the Mend

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Penny A. Bragg— “I’m sorry. Will you forgive me?” For over a decade, I underestimated the power of those words. Pride and stubbornness kept me from owning up to my part of my marriage breakdown. As a result, it ended in divorce. However, God was not finished with our story and we ended up remarrying each other after eleven years apart. Having been given a second chance is not something my husband, Clint, or I take lightly. We’ve learned that reconciling our marriage is not about following a recipe, but...

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Palm Sunday Without the Palms

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By Ava Pennington— The crowds cheered. They spread their cloaks on the road.  They cut palm branches and placed them in His path as Jesus rode into Jerusalem astride a donkey. Two thousand years later, many churches celebrate Palm Sunday by distributing palm branches to commemorate that special day. When I lived in New York, the church I attended observed many significant dates in the liturgical calendar, including Palm Sunday. I looked forward to receiving my strip of palm leaf as a tangible reminder of the...

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  By Peggy Still— In the town in which I live there is much renovation going on. A new transit system is being built, restoration of the old train depot is pending, and much is happening to our roads in preparation for all of this. The slowing traffic and detours cause impatience among commuters. A sign in one of the construction areas states, “Please excuse the inconvenience, renovations are in progress.” As I sat in my car waiting for the light to change I thought, aren’t we all a work in progress?...

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By Sharon Ruff – Perfection has its own voice. It told me my value as a person was directly tied to how I performed. It told me that if I wasn’t faultless, I was worthless. Throughout my life I have heard Perfection’s constantly lying voice inside my head. It had locked me in a performance prison. I always longed to free myself from its grip. So finally, I planned my jail break. The ticket to my freedom came in a most unexpected way. I decided to take an online class, “The Gifts of Imperfection,” with...

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