lady in waiting

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    By Ava Pennington— Wait. It’s a four-letter word in more ways than one. I hate waiting. Waiting in lines at the post office. Waiting for a green light at intersections. Waiting for answers to prayer. That last one is the worst. Waiting for answers to prayer. Especially when I know the prayer request is something that lines up with what the Bible teaches. If it’s God’s will for someone to know Him, then why doesn’t He answer my prayer for that person’s salvation? Or if I’m praying for...

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The Call of the Butterfly

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By Denise Vredevoogd— I recently visited the annual spring butterfly exhibit at our local botanical garden. Warm, moist tropical air soothed my winter weary soul as I watched the delicate creatures flit from orchid to palm leaf. Their graceful, effortless movement reminded me of a parable I heard years ago. Here is my revised and abbreviated version. There once was a young boy who came upon a butterfly struggling to break free of its chrysalis. As the butterfly squirmed and wriggled, the boy was filled with...

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By Mona Shriver— We took our two five year old granddaughter’s camping last weekend. It’s a lot of work but we wanted to make memories. We’d taken them last year and they’d had a blast. Who would have thought four year old girls would get the most fun out of a pail, shovel, and a small hill of dirt. They had spent two days on the little rise at the edge of our campsite. I’d never seen such filthy children. But it had been wonderful and we wanted to repeat it. So once again, out I went to the dollar...

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Lifetime achievement

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  By Ava Pennington— I’m feeling my mortality this week. Yes, it’s that time of year. Facebook will soon be filled with birthday greetings. As I look forward to another year, I find myself looking back as well. What have I done with the years I have been given? What will I do with the years yet before me by God’s grace? My thoughts have been influenced by the recent deaths of several celebrities: Actress Donna Douglas died New Year’s Day at age 81 from pancreatic cancer. I will always remember her...

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  By Peggy Still— The Easter candy has all been eaten, the decorations are tucked away until next year, and I was finally able to get the last of the egg dye off my hands. The only physical remnant of the holiday left is the stubborn plastic grass that keeps showing up regardless of how many times I vacuum. But is Easter really just seasonal? Are we to celebrate for a day or a week, only to quickly move on in preparation for the next holiday? My friend, Kathy Carlton Willis, reminded me that, “It’s not...

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  Monthly Humor Column by Kathy Carlton Willis— Chatty Kathy I don’t know why it is, but people enjoy teasing me. As a kid, it was awful—they bullied me. But as a grown-up it’s actually a lot of fun. I now view it as playtime with words. I know they don’t mean to hurt me. They love to call me Chatty Kathy (yes, I know the doll was spelled with a “C”). I told my friend I was nicknamed for a doll and she said I was fortunate…she too was teased with a doll’s name. Her name is Betsy. You can...

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