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  1. 7-6-2011

    Just wondering what gals might think that the phrase “Growing Old Gracefully” means to them practically? hmmmmmmmm I saw it on the back of the teeshirt this past weekend and it brought a smile to my face. I love good thought provoking questions.

  2. 7-6-2011

    What a great question! I think of “going gracefully” as a smooth transition, head up, looking forward. You are not dragging your feet, trying to stay where you were, but moving toward what’s around the next curve. And mid-life does feel at times like someone has thrown me a curve!

  3. 7-6-2011

    “Growing old gracefully” is what I am doing now vs the kicking and screaming I did a couple years ago. I have embraced where I am now in my life. Just because I am deemed “old” my society – I refuse to act old.

  4. 7-7-2011

    I always told myself that when the time came I would grow old gracefully, but now that I am here I find myself in the kicking and screaming stage Karen wrote about. I find that I can only do anything by the grace of God anyway so I guess I am growing old gracefully. Full of His grace.

  5. 7-7-2011

    In a a secular sense I suppose it means, “No surgeries, botox, or implants” ha ha! But my oh my, who IS that aging person in the mirror??? I’ve been a disciple of Jesus for 33 years and know my value is NOT my face and body. But now is the time to walk out that part of my faith. sigh.

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