By Deb DeArmond

Fifty-plus I saw you comin’
Learned real fast there’s no use runnin’
You arrived and I’ll adjust
But I can choose to live or rust
So I will choose to live

Everything has kinda shifted
Chins and sagging skin needs lifted
But you look upon my heart
And ask me if I’ll to do my part
So I will choose to hear

Some days I don’t see my purpose
Lost and fractured ‘neath the surface
Smiling big to hide my fear
But I know You are always near
So I will choose to smile

As I hold tight to your hand
You’ve promised you’d help me to stand
Through life’s unknowns, good and bad
The ups and downs, the happy, sad
Yes, I will choose to stand

Smiling, standing, hearing, living
I’ve got much I could be giving
Others need me, yes they do
And truth be told, I need them, too
So I will choose to GIVE!


  1. 8-4-2011

    Excellent! Why is it so hard to live it?

  2. 8-5-2011

    Deb, Your poem states so precisely our feelings and status during this phase of life. Your response at the end of each stanza expresses positively and with optimism how we need to react to these changes we are facing. Thanks for the inspiring words!

  3. 8-8-2011

    Thank you Deb for posting this on my 50th!!!! I’s official. I’m in the club and so ready. I fought it hard but now that I’m here…peace.

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